Tech Genius is a dynamic software and website development company, focusing on website and software development for mostly established, growing businesses who dream big (and some startups with big dreams too).  We ‘automate’ businesses and in doing so, make them more efficient and easier to manage.  This Business Process Automation often involves developing Advanced Websites, PC Software and/or Mobile Applications, often working together.  The great thing about Business Process Automation is that a business can start small, by automating the most important aspects first, and then re-invest the cost savings (or additional income) in further improvements – thus any business can start their long term journey to Success (through Systems) today!

Success through Systems

We believe in Success through Systems.  We develop Advanced Websites, Cloud Systems and Applications, custom built to take your business to the next level.

The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple. ― Albert Einstein

Tech Genius tries to do exactly that: Take all the complexity of your business and provide a simple technology system that makes it perform better. We aren’t trying to be arrogant and say we have all the answers – in fact quite the opposite: Most business owners already know what the answers are to their challenges, we just translate those answers into technology systems – advanced websites, cloud systems and software applications, custom developed for your business needs: to take your business to the next level of success.  We would like to meet you in person – contact us for a free one hour needs analysis for your business.

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 Website Development Services

Advanced Websites: Design and Development

Without getting too technical about what an advanced website actually is, let me explain it by telling you what it isn’t. It isn’t just a few pretty marketing pages dished up in WordPress, which can be done by most web designers (who are basically graphic designers). Advanced websites need the skills of website developers (who are basically software developers), to write a software program (web application) that runs on your business website. Think South African Airways (booking an airplane ticket online), Discovery Health (registering for Vitality and recording activities for points), Banking websites (logging in and performing transactions), to name but a few. Just because your business isn’t a big corporate, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need an advanced website. Spoil your customers and get the competitive edge over your competition…

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Web Based Cloud Systems: Design and Development

Cloud systems are essentially advanced websites, but they differ in the sense that clients must usually register and pay a monthly (or annual) subscription fee to use the services of the specific website (cloud system). Think GMail, Dropbox, SuperBru. When you subscribe to a cloud service like DropBox, you just pay for the service. It is someone else’s problem to pay for website hosting, etc. The lines can become a bit grey between advanced websites and cloud systems, but the gist of it is that the difference lies in the business model used.

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 Software Development Services

Windows Applications: Design and Development

Sometimes it makes more sense to develop an advanced website for your business, other times a software application is better. It depends on who will be using the system for what, where and when. Since we do the entire spectrum from website development to software application development, we aren’t biased in the one direction or the other. We can recommend the solution that will be best for your business, not ours. We develop software applications that run on Windows PCs, as well as mobile applications that run on mobile phones (cell phones), tablets and phablets (something in between a mobile phone and a tablet). We develop cross platform mobile applications, which mean they will run on Android devices (that green robot picture you may have seen – think Samsung Galaxy, Sony, LG phones, etc.), iOs devices (iPads and iPhones), Windows devices (phones and tablets), as well as Blackberry devices.

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Mobile Applications: Design and Development

We develop cross platform mobile applications for Android, iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Windows mobile devices, which include mobile tablets, smart phones and phablets (something inbetween a phone and a tablet), using Microsoft Cordova. Cordova is an open source project which was developed to give website developers the ability to make mobile applications, using web development scripting languages that they are familiar with when creating websites (HTML, CSS and Javascript). Microsoft embranced Cordova and integrated this open source technology into its Visual Studio development suite. Microsoft aims to increase the amount of Windows applications available for mobile devices, by embracing technology which makes it easier for developers to develop mobile applications for multiple mobile operating systems, instead of just one. This technology allows us to use our web development expertise in the area of mobile application development.

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SharePoint Applications: Design and Development

Microsoft SharePoint was originally created by Microsoft for internal use in its own business, for various departments to be able to share information in a flexible manner. SharePoint allows employees in a business to quickly create project websites, for sharing information between temporary (or permanent) teams within the business. These teams can even include persons outside the business. No web development skills are necessary to create these team sites – it can all be done by using the SharePoint user interface.  For many businesses, this is as far as their usage of Microsoft SharePoint goes. SharePoint isn’t cheap, so it makes sense for businesses to utilize it as much as possible. What some businesses might not be aware of, is the fact that one can program SharePoint applications to extend the functionality of SharePoint. This functionality then becomes available for employees to use on their team websites. Since the applications extend the already existing functionality of SharePoint, it means we don’t have to recreate the wheel in terms of having to create infrastructure such as security, user management, etc. We simply develop the additional functionality required, instead of having to worry about creating all the infrastructure such a website system usually requires.

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 Consulting Services

Business Technology Consulting

The founder of our business provides business technology consulting services. He has more than 16 years’ experience in commercial software development in the technology industry. He spent 10 years of his career in the corporate world, managing the development and testing of life critical electronic products for very stringent (and highly regulated) first world countries. This included software engineering, project management and product testing management positions: 7 years of which was spent working for one of the 3 largest corporations in the world (at the time). This exposure to corporate international best practices laid the foundation for the way we approach innovative problem solving at Tech Genius.

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Security Technology Consulting:  Residential Estates

Our security consulting services had a very natural beginning, from our founder’s involvement as a trustee at various residential estates, over many years. Managing agents and trustees started to approach Tech Genius for objective advice: With all the technology options available today, it can be quite daunting to select the security technology that will be the best solution for a specific estate. We act as independent consultants, who only charge for the time spent in evaluating solutions. Since we don’t earn commission from sales, we can objectively evaluate various technology alternatives and manage the implementation thereof, without our judgment being biased in a specific direction.

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Funding: Government funding for SMEs

Any micro, small or medium sized enterprise can apply for funding from Seda (Small Enterprise Development Agency) for your software or website development requirements, regardless of your BEE rating, although businesses with higher BEE ratings tend to get larger percentage of funding.  Businesses can typically get 70 % to 100 % funding for their Seda funded project, depending on their BEE status (and of course project approval from Seda’s business consultants).  Since Tech Genius is a registered supplier of Seda, we can assist you with the process of applying for governmental funding for your software and website development projects.  Many South African businesses with a BEE rating of 4 or lower, don’t realize that they actually qualify for government funding in this regard.

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People Genius CRM – Customer Relationship Management System

People Genius CRM is a web based Customer Relationship Management System.  It is a Cloud System, meaning you only pay a monthly (or annual) subscription fee to use this CRM system and don’t have to pay hosting fees, or have any server hardware on site.  CRM means very different things to different businesses.  At the heart of the CRM system, is the management of your sales process, your after sales service process and your client database.  Managing your sales process involves tracking and managing leads, opportunities and deal conversions.  Managing your client database, means capturing and managing all the information relevant to your clients.  Managing after sales process means capturing each customer complaint, tracking and managing each one until completion.  There are many entry level CRM systems out there, but few really advanced CRM systems like People Genius CRM.  We positioned People Genius CRM to be competitive with the best CRM systems in the world, at a fraction of the price.  Most business quickly outgrow entry level CRMs, whereas People Genius CRM is powerful and flexible enough to be a long term solution for your business.  People Genius CRM is developed and maintained in South Africa and hosted on a secure, dedicated server located in South Africa.  This means all your sensitive data is kept within South Africa and protected by South African law.  Since the system is developed and hosted locally, it also means your business isn’t exposed to the volatility of dollar based subscription fees.  Contact us to arrange your one month free trial of People Genius CRM for your business.

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Survey Genius – Business Survey System

Survey Genius is a web based survey system, taking your surveys to the next level.  It is a Cloud System, meaning you only pay a fee to use this survey system and don’t have to pay hosting fees, or have any server hardware on site.  Survey Genius isn’t just another boring questions and answers survey system – you can completely customize your business survey and is as flexible as a website! Want to turn your survey into a game? Only show relevant questions based on a specific person’s interests? No problem! Survey Genius also integrates with People Genius CRM, meaning you can automatically create leads and opportunities in CRM after a survey event – no more manual follow up from a spreadsheet. Contact us to arrange for a demonstration…

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Our Target Market

We are focused mainly on SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises), keeping in mind that (depending on your definition), you get some pretty big Medium Enterprises.  We have some wonderful long term relationships with Corporates as well, although they tend to have the kind of values where they don’t get too wrapped up in red tape.

Tech Genius sees itself as ‘a small giant’ – we deliberately stay small, while having a large footprint – we use technology to have a strategic influence on the movers and shakers in the South African (and international) economy.

We are based in Brackenfell (in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs, in South Africa) and although we have clients across South Africa, the majority our clients are located in the surrounding areas in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs in the Western Cape:

  • Brackenfell
  • Durbanville
  • Bellville
  • Kuils River
  • Parow
  • Goodwood
  • Kraaifontein

We are also ideally situated to service clients in the Cape Winelands, in areas such as:

  • Paarl
  • Stellenbosch
  • Somerset West
  • Strand

About Us

Tech Genius was founded in 2009. After 10 years in the corporate world, our founder decided it was time for a new adventure: To start a software and web development venture with the vision of competing with large corporates in terms of quality of work, while not losing the personal touch of a small concern. In other words, go big and small at the same time.  Since 2009, Tech Genius has achieved just that – we have a track record we are extremely proud of: Every single project that we started, we have completed according to specifications – we have a 100 % success rate in that regard. You don’t get a second chance to have a 100 % success rate – we are only as good as our last project. It makes as very proud and also keeps us very humble at the same time. We put all our effort into maintaining this perfect track record. We are a small team, so it means our staff members aren’t just numbers, but our most valuable assets. Each client of ours is very highly valued – we nurture the relationship we have with each of these elite businesses.

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Contact Us

We would like to meet you in person and discuss your requirements.  Our first hour of consultation is free of charge for all new prospective clients. We can’t wait to start this journey to greater success with you!

Email: info@techgenius.co.za   |   Telephone: +27 84 40 45678

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