SharePoint Applications Design and Development

Microsoft SharePoint was originally created by Microsoft for internal use in its own business, for various departments to be able to share information in a flexible manner.  SharePoint allows employees in a business to quickly create project websites, for sharing information between temporary (or permanent) teams within the business.  These teams can even include persons outside the business.  No web development skills are necessary to create these team sites – it can all be done by using the SharePoint user interface.

The power of SharePoint

For many businesses, this is as far as their usage of Microsoft SharePoint goes.  SharePoint isn’t cheap, so it makes sense for businesses to utilize it as much as possible.  What some businesses might not be aware of, is the fact that one can program SharePoint applications to extend the functionality of SharePoint.  This functionality then becomes available for employees to use on their team websites.  Since the applications extend the already existing functionality of SharePoint, it means we don’t have to recreate the wheel in terms of having to create infrastructure such as security, user management, etc.  We simply develop the additional functionality required, instead of having to worry about creating all the infrastructure such a website system usually requires.

To give an idea of the potential power of SharePoint applications:  For a financial asset management business, we developed a full trading system for planning and executing all financial trade related transactions (mainly in hedge funds).  The have been using this system we created for them for about 2 years, with virtually no support services needed from us.

Affordability of Microsoft SharePoint Applications vs Advanced Websites and Cloud Systems

For businesses who already have Microsoft SharePoint, it makes sense to utilize it as much as possible.  One has to keep in mind, however, that although one can create public websites within SharePoints, a business has to pay a license fee to Microsoft for each user added to SharePoint.  This means that if a business wants to create business systems which many users outside their business will want to interact with, it could mean a large increase in SharePoint expenses.

When we create a custom Advanced Website or Cloud System for a specific business, the business doesn’t have to pay any hidden costs such as user licenses – they only have to pay for hosting.  For businesses who don’t have SharePoint, it is usually more cost effective to create a custom Advanced Website or Cloud System, than to purchase Microsoft SharePoint (taking into account all the hidden costs, such as licensing fees, server hardware, additional server software required and server maintenance costs) and then develop the custom functionality required by SharePoint.  Even for businesses who already have Microsoft SharePoint, depending on the additional amount of users who may be required, a custom Advanced Websites or Cloud System might be a more affordable solution.

Since choosing the most cost effective long term solution might not be as straight forward as it seems, contact us for a free consultation meeting, so we can assist you to make the right long term choice.