People Genius CRM – Customer Relationship Management System

People Genius CRM is a web based Customer Relationship Management System.  It is a Cloud System, meaning you only pay a monthly (or annual) subscription fee to use this CRM system and don’t have to pay hosting fees, or have any server hardware on site.  CRM means very different things to different businesses.  At the heart of the CRM system, is the management of your sales process, your after sales service process and your client database.  Managing your sales process involves tracking and managing leads, opportunities and deal conversions.  Managing your client database, means capturing and managing all the information relevant to your clients.  Managing after sales process means capturing each customer complaint, tracking and managing each one until completion.  There are many entry level CRM systems out there, but few really advanced CRM systems like People Genius CRM.  We positioned People Genius CRM to be competitive with the best CRM systems in the world, at a fraction of the price.  Most business quickly outgrow entry level CRMs, whereas People Genius CRM is powerful and flexible enough to be a long term solution for your business.  People Genius CRM is developed and maintained in South Africa and hosted on a secure, dedicated server located in South Africa.  This means all your sensitive data is kept within South Africa and protected by South African law.  Since the system is developed and hosted locally, it also means your business isn’t exposed to the volatility of dollar based subscription fees.

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