About Us

Tech Genius was founded in 2009. After 10 years in the corporate world, our founder decided it was time for a new adventure: To start a software and web development venture with the vision of competing with large corporates in terms of quality of work, while not losing the personal touch of a small concern. In other words, go big and small at the same time.

Since 2009, Tech Genius has achieved just that – we have a track record we are extremely proud of: Every single project that we started, we have completed according to specifications – we have a 100 % success rate in that regard. You don’t get a second chance to have a 100 % success rate – we are only as good as our last project. It makes as very proud and also keeps us very humble at the same time. We put all our effort into maintaining this perfect track record. We are a small team, so it means our staff members aren’t just numbers, but our most valuable assets. Each client of ours is very highly valued – we nurture the relationship we have with each of these elite businesses.

Originally the business was named Outsource Genius. In 2015 we decided that the term ‘Outsource’ was a bit misleading and led by the advice of a branding expert, decided to rebrand to Tech Genius. Tech refers to Technology and Genius refers to the fact that we always have the goal in mind to find ingenious solutions to problems.

Finding ingenious solutions is rewarding, but hard work. It means we have to stay humble and really listen to our clients. It means we always have to be learning and staying up to date with the latest technology. It means we have to work hard to make new ideas a reality. We are passionate about seeing your business change for the better – that is what motivates us and makes it all worthwhile!

Get Funding From Government For Your Project

Any micro, small or medium sized enterprise can apply for funding from SEDA for your software or website development requirements, regardless of your BNI rating, although businesses with higher BEE ratings tend to get larger percentage of funding.  Businesses can typically get 70 % to 100 % funding for their SEDA funded project, depending on their BEE status (and of course project approval from SEDA’s business consultants).  Since Tech Genius is a registered supplier of SEDA, we can assist you with the process of applying for governmental funding for your software and website development projects.

Business Information

Tech Genius cc. is a VAT registered company.
In order to remain registered as a SEDA service provider, Tech Genius provides tax clearance certificates to SEDA annually.


Tech Genius has been a longstanding member of Business Network International (BNI) since 2010.

Tech Genius has been a member of Unashamedly Ethical since 2011.

Tech Genius is a registered SEDA (Small Enterprise Development Association) service provider since 2015. SEDA is a governmental organization which provides funding for micro, small and medium enterprise development, in order to stimulate the South African economy in this private sector.

Tech Genius has been part of Microsoft’s Partner Network since 2010.  We use Microsoft’s latest products for software and website development, as a benefit of our subscription to Microsoft’s Partner Network.