Tech Genius Digital Marketing Journey #2

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Tech Genius Digital Marketing Journey #2

WhatsApp Broadcast: Low Opt Out Rate Last week it felt like I had it all figured out:  We had momentum going:  We posted our first online video on our Facebook Page (even boosted ...

WhatsApp Broadcast: Low Opt Out Rate

Last week it felt like I had it all figured out:  We had momentum going:  We posted our first online video on our Facebook Page (even boosted it).  We invited everyone we thought would be interested in our digital marketing journey, by using a WhatsApp Broadcast  (not the same as a WhatsApp Group – you send a message directly from you to each person and they respond directly to you – almost like sending an email using the bcc field).  We gave people the option to opt out and very few opted out:  It felt like we were in business…

I’ve heard shocking stats of response rights to email newsletter signups, so it felt like we had beat the system:  We were getting a high sign up rate (or rather: a low opt out rate, which isn’t exactly the same thing if you give it some thought 😉 ).

WordPress Blog Post and Links: The Technical Stuff

If you are interested in the technical ‘stuff’, this blog post contains more info about how we:

  • create a WordPress blog post at a user friendly website address
  • specify additional info in links for extra Google Adwords stats (for tracking success of various ad campaigns, mediums, etc.)
  • make these links shorter and less intimidating with URL shorteners
  • link Blog Posts to Facebook Posts and vice versa

The Results / Show and Tell

And then happened what happens when most digital marketing campaigns start out:  Nothing.

Well, not absolute nothing, but not the massive response we were hoping for:

Results: Boosted Facebook Video

Read more about our first video post in last week’s post (Digital Marketing Journey #1)  – view the video post by clicking on the image below:

Facebook post

  • 272 people ‘reached’
    • 114 organic (42 %)
    • 158 paid (68 %)
  • Shares: 0 (resulting from this post)
  • Post likes: 0 (resulting from this post)
  • Video views: 178
  • Conversion to video views: 65 % (178/272 )
  • Page likes: 2
  • Conversion to Page Likes: 0.7 % (2/272)
  • Deals: 0

The aim of the post was to increase brand awareness and at R150 (R300 / 2) per page like, this is not cost effective marketing:  To get 1 000 likes this way would cost R150 000!

Results: WhatsApp Broadcast

  • Opt out rate: 4 % (very good)
  • Click-through rate to website blog post: 17 % (17 / 100)
  • Deals: 0

Which is Best:  Facebook Posts or WhatsApp Broadcasts?

For Facebook, the video view conversion on Facebook was 65 %, but the ‘Like our page’ conversion was only 0.7 .%

For WhatsApp, the click through rate was 17 %, which is much lower than the video view conversion on Facebook at 65 %. However, The WhatsApp click through rate of 17 % was much higher than the ‘like our page’ conversion on Facebook of only 0.7 %.  Liking a Facebook Page takes a higher commitment from a person than viewing a Web Blog, although viewing a Web Blog is much better than having a person view a video and taking no further interest in your Facebook Business Page.

A better comparison, is comparing the (organic only) post of our website blog link on Facebook, to the same website blog link on WhatsApp:

  • Facebook: 1 visit
  • WhatsApp: 17 visits

We had 17 times more responses with WhatsApp!  This was still a small scale experiment, we will have to see if this kind of response rate is found for larger broadcast groups and it will also be interesting to see if it would increase or decline over time…

Patience Is Needed (Apparently)

I asked the opinion of a Social Media Specialist in regard to the low overall responses to posts and his first response was:

‘oh, you shouldn’t be expecting any responses in the first 3 months.  Consistency is key.  You also shouldn’t expect any meaningful results within the first year’.

The first YEAR !!! ???

I had more of a one week time frame in mind….  Worst case 3 months….  Ok, so we’d just have to do 400 % better than the average to reach the 3 month goal…  Piece of cake? 😯

We’d love to hear from you – please send us any questions or comments.

Thanks for joining us on our digital marketing adventure, as we learn together!

We love your feedback!

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